Solo Ad Strategy

How to Create a Solo Ads Strategy

by Melanie Nichols

Why use solo ads?

Solo ads are an inexpensive, fast and effective way to generate traffic when you are just starting out. It is a good way to start building your list.

You have to work to find good solo ad vendors who have good email lists, but once you do, you can scale with that vendor and you know you are also building your list with good traffic.

You get almost instant results and conversion rates with solo ads. This is important for a couple of reasons. First you need to test to make sure your offer even converts. Once you know it does, then you test new solo ad vendors to make sure they have a good list. You should see fairly consistent conversion rates.

Your landing page format

It is important to understand that solo ads serve you as a good presell method. To get the best results, it is important to make sure your solo email ad and your landing page are congruent. If they match the visitor will not be confused and is much more likely to take the action you want them to take.

Tips for creating your landing page:
1. Keep them simple but action oriented
2. Only ask for email address to get higher conversions
3. Use a Call To Action Button that stands our, bright yellow or orange

There are several ways to get your landing page created. The tool I use is ClickFunnels. I recommend you give it a try. It helps you build full funnels the easiest way I have seen.

Writing your solo ad

Your solo ad is the method that will attract people to your landing page. Here are a few key tips to help you write a great solo ad.

1. Make sure your headline is attention getting. It should evoke curiosity or urgency.
2. Keep the email copy short and consice.
3. Use 2 or 3 URLs to the landing page in the email

Here is a sample SOLO AD to show you the type of email you might want to create.
Solo Ad Example
Important Tips: Lead solo ad visitors to your landing page first, Do NOT send traffic straight to a vendor offer, and Remember, your priority is to build your own email list first!

Tracking solo ads

It is crucial to track your solo ads. You need to know if your solo ads and landing pages convert. Once you know that, then it is time to find solo ad vendors and make sure their lists convert at the expected rate.

To be able to know your numbers you will need a tool to run traffic through so you can determine your results.

The tool I use for tracking is ClickMagick. It is the a very good tool for tracking your traffic. It also gives you the ability to determine where your traffic is coming from. You want traffic from areas that will convert well for you.

For instance, what is called Tier 1 traffic, are visitors that originate in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are in the United States for instance, you would prefer most of the traffic to be Tier 1 traffic. 80% Tier 1 is ok, but 85% or better is preferred.

Check out the free trial offer, 14 days, for ClickMagick below.

Where to find solo ad vendors

One way to find solo ad vendors is to Google it.

In the search box type:
"solo ad" + 'niche' or "email advertising" + 'niche'

If you are looking for people in the Internet Marketing or Online Business market, you can use the following link to find solo venders: 

There are several facebook pages dedicated to solo ad vendors and reviews from their customers.

Facebook Pages:


Finding the gems in the sea of solo ad vendors

So how do you find the solo ad vendors who have the best lists?

You will have to go through a bit of trial and error. Always start with a small order with any vendor you have never worked with before. 200 to 300 is about the right size if you can afford it. This many gives you a good idea of how the list will perform.

When you find a vendor you would like to test, be sure to ask the following questions:

1. How big is your list?
2. How do you get people on your list?
3. How many clicks are you able to generate?
4. What kind of offer can you give me as a first time buyer?
5. How old is your list? How many new subscribers are added per month?

You want to make sure the vendor has a fresh list, they are adding a good sum of subscribers to their list every month.

Also important to know if they can scale with you should you find their list effective and you want to scale with them.

It would be a good idea to setup say a standing monthly order with a good vendor. Just make sure the conversion rates stay consistent... so always track and check your results.
Check that you do not pay too much for clicks from any solo ad vendor. I never pay more than $1 per click for traffic from a solo ad. But it is possible to get good traffic for $.50 to 75 cents per click. You don't want to pay too little either, then the traffic is likely to not be very good and it will cost more in the long run because it will likely be unresponsive traffic.

What to do after a solo ad is complete

You must analyze the numbers in your tracking for the solo ad after every run. This is what tells you if you have found good vendor traffic.

1. Make sure that you received all the clicks your purchased. You will often have more, but at least make sure you are not short changed.

2. Check the optin rate. How many people of the number of clicks ordered actually opted in? If this number is less than your normal optin rate, this is a red flag. You might not want to use this vendor again.

3. Check the number of sales. If you getting the optin on your own landing page, but then sending them to an affiliate offer you don't control, this is more difficult to determine. What I do in that case, is create a funnel for each vendor I'm running the ad with and when I receive a notification of a purchase from the affiliate offer, I go see which landing page that person used to optin. This gives me the details I need to track any sales a solo ad vendor traffic generated.

NOTE: If there are zero sales for a solo ad vendor, that is another red flag.

4. Check the traffic quality. If the vendor said they would send 80% tier 1 or higher, make sure that is what you got. Using Clickmagick that is easy to do, I'm not sure with other tracking tools how you would do this. If the Tier 1 traffic is lower than you were told, this is another red flag.

NOTE: there is a button above in this post that gives you a 14 day free trial of Clickmagick if you don't already have it.

So the way to proceed from here is to see if there is one or more red flags for this solo ad vendor. If there is more than one, just don't use them again. If there is only one, then you might send another test run through them to see if this was just an anomaly.

Either way, if there was a problem with the traffic for any reason, let the vendor know. They will often work with you to try to make you whole on it.

If there are no red flags for a solo ad vendor, increase the next order with them. I would wait a couple of weeks to make sure they have time to add new people to their list. Then give them the order for more clicks. Then make sure and check results again. If it stays consistent after increasing, you may be onto a really good traffic source.

This post has been over a lot of ground. If you follow it, you will be able to start putting together your strategy for placing solo ads. My recommendation to you is to set your strategy and stick with it consistently for every vendor and solo ad placed.

Let me know any questions. I tried to make this simple to follow but may have introduced some confusion. If so, I would love to hear where you are having any issues so that I could clarify and assist you in your journey.

I'd also love to hear any good results you have. That would just make my day!

To your success!

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