Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

by Melanie Nichols

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Plan

Something that has become pretty common in the Internet Marketing and Online Business space is the concept of "Shiny Object Syndrome".

Doing a google search for Shiny Object Syndrome I found that this very good definition of what SOS is. Here is a very appropriate definition from

Shiny Object Syndrome
So, I decided to do a bit of research to put the causes, symptoms, and a treatment plan together for you so if you recognize that you have it, you have a way to move past it.


Causes of Shiny Object Syndrome

The desire to start an online business leading to total overwhelm and confusion when you have way to many options to choose from. You end up on so many marketers email lists, you get so many promotions for what sounds like it would be good... products and services.


Symptoms of Shiny Object Syndrome

If you can answer yes to having 2 or more of these symptoms, you are in danger of have SOS. How many of them you have will indicate how bad your particular case is.

* Purchase products that you have never used
* Purchase training that you may have started but didn't finish
* Have or just don't follow a daily plan of activity, jumping from one thing to another all day
* Constantly starting a project, rarely if ever finishing them
* Get lost for hours on Facebook or other social media site
* Jumping from one tool or product hoping to get better results

Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan for Shiny Object Syndrome

The best advice for beating Shiny Object Syndrome is to take control of your time and focus.

Don't listen to the latest great marketing message about the next great product or service just released.

Here are some specific steps you can take to but an end to SOS:

1. Plan your day. Block out your day with the activities that need to happen TODAY.
2. Plan 3 to 5 tasks that will take your toward your income producing goals each day.
3. Only buy products and/or services when you need them. Not just because you might need them one day.
4. Clean up your inbox. Use a tool like to start tackling your inbox.
5. Schedule time for email and social media. They are the biggest time wasters in your day.
6. Review your day, did you succeed in staying on track? What can you do differently?

Click on the "Cure For Shiny Object Syndrome" banner below if you are serious about creating an online business and are ready to take steps to insure your success!

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