Affiliate Marketing is an Simple Way to Get Started Making Real Money

Affiliate Marketing

by Melanie Nichols

A simple way to get started making real money online.

Affiliate Marketing is in my book the best, simplest way for someone to start making real cash online.  It is really a very straight forward model.  All you need to do is follow a good plan and be consistent. 

A good definition of Affiliate Marketing is that it is a performance-based model that rewards the affiliate for  each visitor or customer brought to a business on their behalf.  

Why do I think this is such a good model?

Specifically, it is because it is a model that is simple to setup, once you know the basics, you just reapply them to any new product or service that you decide to promote.  It is measurable so you can see the results of your efforts almost immediately.  And it is scalable by driving more traffic at the system you have in place.

Here are a few rules you should follow when getting into Affiliate Marketing:

Rule One

Promote good products and/or services

This is the most basic rule that you must follow. Affiliate marketing will be your cash cow if you have good products to promote. You need to research and be very sensitive to the needs of the market.
Competition in affiliate marketing, like in any other business, is very stiff. Remember though that competition is a good gauge how popular a product is and how the market reacts to it. It will be a very good opportunity to be the first, but going for what already sells also pays well.

Rule Two

Traffic, Traffic, and more Traffic

Traffic is the life blood of an online business, especially an Affiliate Marketers business.  Without traffic who is interested in a product or service you are promoting, there will be no profits to mmake.
Learn the different ways to generate traffic.  Some of the most popular ways are:  Pay Per Click, Blogging, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.
You will be able to scale and generate cash on demand once you master these traffic method and have a good base of responsive visitors or followers.

Rule 3

Get Paid for your efforts

With Affiliate Marketing, you are not in business until you learn how to make it bring you a profit.  Once you do that, the sky is the limit.

This model is a win-win. The businesses who you are promoting win because they only pay you when you bring them actual visitors or customers. You win because once you have this model down, you can make money online without question.

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