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6 Amazing Engagement Secrets to Boost Conversions

by Melanie Nichols
Traffic…traffic…traffic… The word that seems to be ever so important. And of course it is. Without traffic, you don’t have a chance to make a real go with your online business. So how do you entice people to your message? How do you make sure that the traffic you do get is engaged and interested in your content and offers? Here are 6 amazing engagement secrets to help you boost traffic and therefore, conversions. Secret #1 – Name drop (celebreties, movies, latest trends) An example:  If Trump Knew This He Would Switch to Internet Marketing Trump being a political figure […]
Affiliate Marketing is an Simple Way to Get Started Making Real Money

Affiliate Marketing

by Melanie Nichols
A simple way to get started making real money online. Affiliate Marketing is in my book the best, simplest way for someone to start making real cash online.  It is really a very straight forward model.  All you need to do is follow a good plan and be consistent. A good definition of Affiliate Marketing is that it is a performance-based model that rewards the affiliate for  each visitor or customer brought to a business on their behalf. Why do I think this is such a good model? Specifically, it is because it is a model that is simple to […]